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Margate Gets Serious About Crime

Thanks to the intervention of Thanet District Council, Kent Police and Margate Task Force, Margate Police now have more power over anti-social behaviour around town.

As outlined on the Kent Police website, it has been announced today that many troubled areas in Margate have become "Dispersal Areas", as of Saturday February 1st, lasting a period of six months, ending on Thursday July 31st.

A Dispersal Area means that, if two or more persons are found to be causing trouble within these areas, police have the power to "disperse" them, enforcing their new right to move these people on from the area, or in the case of those below the age of sixteen who are not accompanied by an adult, returned to their home.

Areas covered include the main High Street, Mill Lane multi-story car park, Hawley Square and Cecil Street. To view a map showing the entirety of areas included, click here.

Actions such as intimidating the public, shouting and swearing, threats of violence, drug related activity, criminal damage and assaults will all mean action by our law enforcers, thanks to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

This could mean a huge reduction in anti-social related crime rates in our seaside town, which have become worryingly high. I recently reported on this.

Some would argue that it is a violation of our rights to be "moved on" in such a manner, however.

What do YOU think? Comment and discuss.

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