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Letters: Reforming the Bedroom Tax

Thanet Star recently received a letter from Lib-Dem George Cunningham.

Dear sirs,

With the so called bedroom tax affecting so many people here in the Thanet area, the good news is that the Liberal Democrats have taken the first step in reforming the bedroom tax by winning a crucial vote in Parliament.

Under the proposals, which were passed recently in the House of Commons, existing tenants will not be penalised when they cannot move into smaller accommodation because this is not available or where there is a serious medical reason for an additional room.

Our plans mean that any financial penalty would go to the housing provider rather than the individual claimant. The new system would incentivise social landlords to reduce the number of tenants under-occupying their homes, freeing up bigger properties for larger families.

These proposed changes to the policy have been welcomed by a number of organisations including Shelter, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Crisis, Oxfam and the Disability Benefits Consortium

However, Conservatives have stated publicly that they oppose reforms to bedroom tax and although Labour support the removal of the spare room subsidy, they have not indicated that they would also change the rules for the private sector.

George Cunningham

Liberal Democrat PPC for North Thanet

We at Thanet Star are pleased that George is taking this issue seriously. We recently received word that Sir Gale voted to keep the Bedroom Tax as it is at the moment - a deeply unfair and broken tax.

Well done Mr Cunningham.

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