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Labour may never deal with Cllr Mike Harrison

Labour cannot afford to de-list Cllr Mike Harrison no mater how hot it gets.

Tony and no doubt other bloggers would like to see Cllr Mike Harrison removed from the Labour group over his out-of-order behaviour but this is unlikely to ever happen. Labour hold power in Thanet by the slimmest margin as it is and so Harrison is safe.

Worse yet making Cllr Mike Harrison join Sandy Ezekiel as an independent would currently hand him more power rather than remove it.

This is how the political landscape currently stands:

Thanet District Council Party Political Landscape

As you can see Labour are ahead by just a tiny bit. Loss of Cllr Mike Harrison would mean loss of that lead which they have fought tooth and nail to obtain promising a lot of power away to "independents" to do so.

Keep reading to see how removing Cllr Mike Harrison from the Labour group would hand him more power than he has ever had.

The leadership votes are distributed fairly evenly with non party members controlling the balance of power. The ungrouped independent is Sandy Ezekiel who I assume would still vote Conservative. Also show is the up coming Conservative stronghold election in the ward of Brian Goodwin.

Thanet Council votes for leadership

Clive cannot afford to alienate Cllr Mike Harrison which would risk eroding the volatile power base that has cost him so much.

It also means that both parties have to fight as hard as they can in this election. With dissatisfaction with Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in national government this is a prime occasion for Labour to try their hand at taking a safe conservative seat.

A win could give Labour more wiggle room with the two main "independent" groups. While Conservatives need the win to prevent further slippage away from any hope of power.

Whoever wins the gang of five come out on top.

Good reason it would seem to have a change to a directly elected leader who would not be hog-tied by commitments to minority powers.

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Despite the numbers Mike has had the old heave-ho so I hear.
07/06/2012 19:05:05