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Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge Sneak Peak

Thanet Star got an advanced preview of Margate's new gaming venue, here is our verdict so far.

KayJaiz Gaming Lounge

Recently we posted about the launch of a new leisure venue in Margate, and yesterday, we had a chance to look at how it is progressing prior to its official opening this Saturday.

As soon as we entered, we were greeted by an impressive sight. Twenty televisions, each with a comfortable "gaming chair", console and Turtle Beach surround sound headsets, and walls covered in beautiful artist renditions of games characters from various genres and decades.

Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge
Matthew and I both tried the gaming chairs and headsets. I found the seating to be a very odd experience at first, but once I was accustomed to it, it was very comfortable and I can see it being a far more enjoyable experience than I would have at home. He however struggled with the seating due to his physical disability, but we were told that alternative seating will be available for those that do not wish to, or cannot, use the specialist chairs. Both of us were greatly impressed with the sound quality provided by the famous "Turtle Beach" brand, which truly has to be experienced to be believed.

Owners Roxanne "Boss Lady" Williams and Hefain Bygrave are both very evident geeks, admitting that getting the launch ready on time has been tasking, given the recent release of the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto title, which will of course be available to play for their customers. This fact bodes well for the potential of this project, knowing that something so “geeky” is run by geeks, as opposed to someone who simply wants to make money from them. Their passion for gaming is very prominent and they are genuinely lovely people; speaking with them about Kayjaiz was an absolute pleasure.

Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge
Consoles currently available are Playstation 3s, Xbox 360s, and the crowd-funded "designed by gamers, for gamers" Ouya console. There are future plans for Gaming PCs, Wii(/Wii-U), Xbox One and Playstation 3 to also be available.

The main room is currently divided into an "Over 18s" area and a general, family-friendly area. Identification will be required to game in the restricted area. A separate room is currently being prepared so that the over 18s can have a space entirely unique and separate for them, but it will not be ready for opening day.

Prices will be on a per-hour basis, actual cost TBC, and there are plans to offer a loyalty scheme for regulars, though no confirmation of that as yet.

More information, photographs and video to follow in the coming weeks.

Thanet Star shall be in attendance at the official launch which is tomorrow, Saturday September 21st, from 10am onwards. We hope to see you there!

Kayjaiz Gaming Lounge Over 18s area

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I hope that this does really well.
29/09/2013 13:55:55
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