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Is TESCO evil?

Tesco Fail
Tesco is evil - that's the word from both the comments on the blog and the searches people have been making. Is this just a few disgruntled people sounding off however?

Is it Small Business vs Supermarkets?

We know that Tesco is not a true monopoly (yet) and so in that way can not be called evil. The Telegraph suggests that ostentatiously disapproving of mega-retail is regarded as an elementary social courtesy. In other words calling Tesco Evil is fashionable right now.

There is a Tesco equals evil facebook page and forum threads dedicated to saying how truly evil Tesco is. Anti-Tesco campaigns and groups dedicated to spotting stupid tesco offers. Hating Tesco for being evil is indeed popular. But are Tesco evil?

Now it is true that I'm not impressed with the idea of a Tesco by the train station in Margate and will suffer no personal disappointment if it fails to happen. I have not talked about the fact that I find shopping at Tesco Westwood a deeply unpleasant experience whereas the nearby Asda is while no more "fun" at least a lot less distressing. Tesco does nothing for me and I am, on the whole, indifferent to them.

It seems to me to be a bit harsh to hammer at Tesco for all the ills in Thanet. The shipping out of bigger stores from Margate to Westwood showed us how badly equipped stores were to survive on their own. The town centre had, in effect, been riding the tailcoats of the bigger stores and fell over when they left.

Now that the bigger stores have taken their ball and gone home the question is how do we push back? How does the local business in Thanet compete?

Michael Child could probably tell a story or ten about how to stay relevant as a small store when the big boys come charging in. Until that time here are a few articles on the subject that I found.

12 Ways For A Small Business To Beat Tesco

How to Beat Recession by Attracting Affluent Clients

37 ways to beat your competitors (You don't have to be cheaper to win customers.)

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