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Is Margate Crime Out Of Control?

A resident of Margate's Sweyn Road yesterday contacted us in distress over goings-on in her neighborhood, and elsewhere in Margate, including EXCLUSIVE photographs

Sweyn Road children vandals

I'm totally appalled by the state of a once great tourist full town! she told us, describing how on Sunday afternoon she witnessed outside of her Sweyn Road (Cliftonville) residency three children, two with badminton rackets, one with a table tennis paddle, taking rubbish out their own bins and hitting the bottles around while the rest was going everywhere

Even more worryingly, she told me of how their guardian was just stood in the front garden doing nothing, suggesting that they considered this behaviour to be acceptable.

Television dumping

Around the same time, two men were also seen taking a large television on a sack barrow and putting it around the back of the house opposite our reader, then they left hastily.

This television dumping is a violation of the law and punishable by hefty fines, but the only alternatives for ridding one's home of unwanted hardware, furniture or white goods can be pricey. Do you think that the Council should offer a cheaper alternative to reduce this occurrence?

I lived in Gordon Road, the road next to Sweyn Road, for six months, during which time I experienced similar problems. I was burgled and many expensive goods were taken, and the road was full of furniture and hardware that had simply been abandoned.

There have been a concerning rise in the amount of burglaries, vandalism, littering and other such crimes in Cliftonville and elsewhere in Margate this year.

According to statistics, that area of Cliftonville had twenty to thirty more crimes each month in 2013 than in 2012. Other areas of Margate are not much better. A total of five-hundred and eighty-six crimes were reported in October this year alone. Anti-social behaviour is the highest statistic.

Thanet District Council have reported on crime statistics on their website, with a detailed breakdown which claims that many statistics have decreased in the past few years, but there are no statistics for 2013, and has a very different story.

Is it time that Thanet District Council and Kent Police did something to improve these concerning statistics?

Or is it time that the people took matters into their own hands? Should we have more Neighborhood Watch schemes?


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Public Comments

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Illisia [score: 2]:

UPDATE: According to my calculations using statistics from, Margate had a total of 7145 crimes between October 2012 and 2013, which is an average of 595 crimes per month, meaning ONE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN CRIMES PER WEEK, which is more than most areas of London.
16/12/2013 15:22:10

This Informative Golden comment was left by Dan [score: 7]:

I live in Edgar Road and was nearly burgled one night in September - the lights were off but unbeknownst to the would-be intruder I was in and awake, so they were told to fuck off as they attempted to crowbar one of the rear windows open.

It definitely seems to be getting worse round here. When I moved in here in 2009 the neighbourhood wasn't too bad - a bit rough around the edges - but it's definitely deteriorated noticeably in the last year or so.

I don't think there's one single cause, rather several factors coming together to create a perfect storm: unemployment and poverty exacerbated by austerity being the two main ones I would point my finger at.
16/12/2013 16:11:15