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How can so many be so blind to so much?

A quick note of thanks to Peter (of Naked in Thanet fame) for providing a link to the BBC news item on the China Gateway decision. here.

The result of the vote shows that the majority of councillors do not understand Thanet, it's people or the art of getting re-elected. As I have already said politically this is a bad time to have voted in favour of the scheme. Councillors whose parties have received donations or who have other interests cared for by the developers have set themselves up to look grossly dishonest.

Worse yet the entire council has presented itself in colours of corruption and bias by having a financial stake in the outcome.

Already people do not generally hold the council in high regard and the level of trust in Thanet District Council is near an all time low. This decision while unlikely to result in anything being built will only serve to blacken the already heavily sooted name of the local council.

It defies belief that a deferral for even a few months was not seen as the best option. I think it is time to find out how our councillors voted. Speak up chaps.

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This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Someone named "Megan" made this comment on Michael's thanetonline blog:

Against were

Tories: Savage, Crotty, Wells, Hayton

Labour: Poole, Fenner, Dark, Campbell,Clark

Independent: King
11/10/2008 20:59:43

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Thanks for that Peter - you are clearly talented in more than one field.

I must confess that the only name I recognise from the list is Wells. Despite the obvious deficiency of belonging to any party that would elect the current "likely lads" he seems to be a councillor that is the rarest of things in Thanet - one that is truly good at his job. I have yet to read anything but praise for the man and it does seem he thinks for himself - something I admire in a person.
12/10/2008 06:14:29