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Hazel Blears gets special attention from police.

When a spate of vandalism to cars swept though Millmead not so very long ago the police refused to come out unless they were assured that there was finger print evidence available.

Now I loved to play detective when I was little as much as the next boy but real life crime scenes are a tad more complex. How many people do you know that can dust for prints when ever duty calls?

Yeah, not so much hope.

So why then when tax dodging MP Hazel Blears had her car attacked were the police all over it? It seems to me that those earning less than 45,000 a year get a different level of protection from "the law" than the rest of us even if they are tax dodging, claims guzzling, cheats.

Or is it just that the Greater Manchester Police are a hell of a lot better than Thanet's local plod?

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This Normal comment was left by Rocky Raccoon [score: 0]:


As you know I think that Kent Police are especially inept.

An Inspector Greenan once said to me "Why is it you are the only person to think the South East is bristling with terrorists"

Ho ho ho.

Something of an extrapolation from the fact I raised security concerns in 88/89 about Deal Royal Marines Barracks security.

But Mr Greenan someone had done that seven years earlier hadn't they ?

Try Brigadier Mike Harvey Retd the innovator of military aikido. Black belt judo. Distinguished service in Korea and middle east (where he was involved with SAS and special ops) retd 78 and was a consultamnt with Customs and Excise at the time he formed concerns about right wingers at Deal Marines barracks.

Why did Kent Police not address those concerns ?

Why were two training organisations allowed to develop ?

Why were the two training organisations allowed to use two Kent ranges for paramilitary live fire training with unlawful weapons ?

Not laughing quite so loud now then Inspector Greenan ?

It is called disciplines of evidence. I hope you are grateful for me familiarizing you with the concept so alien to Kent Police.
11/08/2009 03:48:11
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