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Have Eastcliff Richard and Tony Flaig been blogging too long?

With the recent dummy spitting incident taking place between Eastcliff Richard (ECR) and Tony from Big News Margate (BNM) it occurs that maybe the stalwarts of Thanet blogging have become a little stale?

Worse yet maybe these once lead bloggers are a warning to us all? Perhaps, like certain bloggers turned politician, excessive exposure to Thanet District Council turns you from mild mannered reporter into an aggressive arse. Are we to see self aggrandising, fundamentalist style cross fighting between left-of-centre ECR and middle of the road BNM in the style of Labour-vs-Conservative seen at TDC?

So I put it to you, the reader, to try and answer: is the politics of Thanet so soul destroying that even our bloggers turn into apes or is this just a falling out between two blokes that need to take a few days off?

Personally I'd like to imagine that we the independent pundits are of a superior cut to the rabble we call a council but we all have our rose tinted specs on sometimes.

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This Normal comment was left by A.V.Ampire [score: 0]:

I feel that the two blogs in question appear to have recently taken their eye off the ball with regard to matters related to TDC. Where is the probing into suspect practice and policy. Officers and councillors must be sighing with relief at the prospect of the spotlight being turned away from them.

So - if the two in question read this - a plea from the populace - TDC's jugular is starting to heal - it needs to be reopened.
23/09/2009 05:27:28