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Go on then: Sandy Ezekiel - Guilty or Innocent?

Is Sandy about to do some bird?

Thanet Star has never exactly shied away from the glaringly obvious fact that Sandy was never the right man to lead our council but now that he is back in the spotlight again we ask: Will the old bird do some bird?

Please ignore the fact that the charges would most likely lead to (at worst) some fines. After all it's not like he's been beating up old grannies, failing to act properly or being raciest or anything like that. Ignoring the inconvenient facts of the story (that isn't news)

Not Happy With Sandy!

In short let's discuss some non news and tell the world if you think Sandy will be found guilty and sent down or found innocent and set free?

Actually let's discuss this privately. Asking questions is one thing but answering them while the case is under-way turns out to be another.

I've been calling the Thanet Conservatives bent for years so it's still not news Peter. (lately I have acknowledged that some are jolly nice people, this might be news)

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

Matt, you cannot make comment or accept comments that would prejudice this case so be cafeful or you could be charge with affecting the outcome.

This charge maybe more serious than you think Matt.
The sentencing guidline for fraud witch you can find via a search, state that public fraud is a more serious crime and sentencing must reflect this.
21/05/2012 12:09:02

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

You mean Sandy might be about to get an ASBO and community service too?

But seriously Dave I am not on the jury, the bench nor representing any parties therefore I am free to speculate as much as I want as is everyone else not having a say in the outcome here. The free press have been doing this for years or have you not noticed the likes of the Sun during a high profile murder case?

UPDATE: Turns out Dave has a point. Sub Judice is a serious law that mostly forbids public speculation on the outcome of court cases. See more recent posts for more.
22/05/2012 07:12:41
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