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Getting the council out of The Dip

Is there one book that you wish everyone in your local council would read?

Given how much some members of Thanet and Kent councils seem to struggle with the basics of leadership I thought that it might, perhaps, be time to start recommending some reading to help them attempt to be, well, somewhat good at their job.

The Dip: The extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit (and when to stick) by is one such book that I would add to the required reading list of all councils everywhere (but especially our local ones) if only such a list existed and I was asked to add some titles to that non existant list.

In "The Dip" Seth Godin talks about how to recognise when an endeavour is simply a dead end and should be given up to release time and energy for something more profitable and when to stick it out and push through the natural barriers we encounter in life.

The Dip is what Seth calls that drop in productivity when a project stops being "fun" and becomes harder. the natural barrier between okay and excellent.

It is not to anyone's benefit, Seth Argues, to just cope with what is. Identify the dip and push through it or quit and do something more worthwhile.

That's a lesson I do not think anyone can not agree with that our council members could do with learning.

If something is not working save everyone, including yourself, the wasted effort and admit sooner rather than later that there is a problem. Then either change tactic or move on to something that might work.

A life lesson for all of us perhaps.

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