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Get More out of Pokémon Go in Thanet

Pokémon Go is one of those rare games that can not only be sociable to play but actually encourages you to get out and about. Thanet pokéfans have been rediscovering our island and getting some fresh are at the same time.

This article is a compilation of some tips, links, and other things to help you get the most out of playing Pokémon Go in Thanet.

Pokémon Go Receives Some New Info on Its Combat and Screenshots

Explore Thanet have produced a video (below) of the "top 5 Pokémon Go spots in Thanet".

If you are a twitter user, you can get updates and news of organised Pokémon Go meet-ups by following @pokemongothanet. Pokemon Go Thanet also run a Facebook group.

Talking of Facebook, there is another large group called "Pokémon Go East Kent / Thanet HQ". Our advice would be to join both groups (I did).

You might not know it but different Pokémon are found in different locations, some more easily than others. is a crowd-sourced map of Pokéstops and Gyms. As a result, it is better for areas with more users. Even so, it has a fair few stops marked and I am sure our readers could massively increase that.

Another crowd-sourced site is Pokepedia lists common "nests" (or spawn points) for different Pokémon. Their listing for Thanet includes only Ramsgate at the time of writing but, again, you could change that so fast.

Pokémon GO

For parents who might have been worried by The Sun's make-it-up-as-you-go style of jounalism (which tried to blame an innocent game for a horrific crime), the NSPCC have produced a guide to safely playing Pokémon Go.

And just so we are clear on this - Pokémon Go is just a game, and a safe one at that.

When you are out and about but don't want to keep checking your phone all the time, or worse, are worried that you might run out of battery, there is help available. I'm not just talking about those lovely local shops that offer charging points (as does the Number 8 bus, just so you know).

If you are a very keen player, then you might be interested in Pokémon Go Plus a Bluetooth device for helping you play Pokémon Go. These usually go for about sixty to seventy quid, so maybe talk nicely to Santa?

Slightly more affordable is the Pokéball smartphone charger. This is a portable recharger for smartphones in the shape of a pokéball. If you ask me it looks great so if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas...

If you have any thoughts on Pokémon Go in Thanet tweet me at @ThanetStar.

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