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Gale says human rights should come second to police powers

R Gale MP
Roger "I don't understand technology" Gale (MP for North Thanet) has struck again. This time suggesting that human rights should in some cases be secondary to police powers.

There he is pictured on the right there looking about as clued up as ever. Gale once told me that he didn't need social media as email would always been good enough for him and his supporters. The real irony being that his understanding of email and it's use could be better so how he feels qualified to speak out on police use of technology is almost beyond me.

Now I have always been a defended of Gale to the point that I have been widely accused of being a closet Tory. (Mr G, I'm looking at you). However even I have to admit that perhaps Gale is no longer qualified to act as a parliamentary representative. Sure he is famed for the work he does for local people so perhaps a good retirement would be to step down from national to local politics where he might at least bring a dint of maturity to proceedings (thus remaining useful).

however when it comes to technology this man's reaction is to ban it and do things the old fashioned way. Change, he has failed to understand, is always with us - those that cannot adapt to the change will be swept away. Gales inability to embrace change makes him as much a liability as an asset.

MP says human rights should come second to police powers

MP for Thanet North Roger Gale has, in a widely circulated email, suggested that human rights should not be a consideration when it comes to police power over technology.Rather than trying to understand the nature of Social Media or suggesting that police be trained so as to be effective in the digital world Mr Gale would rather empower police to create total communications blackouts in order to control the population.The time has come when we have to grant to the police the necessary powers to t...

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