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The original content of this post has been removed because the author was a #WhinyLittleBitch with all the maturity of a mayfly and all the depth of a shoe print on dry mud.

Honestly, would a polite email have really hurt you that badly?

This notice exists because Matt is too sarcastic for his own good and is not always so mature either.

This notice replaced the previous content automatically using a search and replace query directly in the SQL engine. If the mayfly in question has any further complaints he can stick them where the sun shines not.

Or he can try and sue me but he will lose.

Come at me bro.

Seb Reilly absolutely insists all his guest posts for Thanet Star are a product of our imagination. We don't like bullies and have removed all trace of his "contributions"
Seb Reilly absolutely insists all his guest posts for Thanet Star are a product of our imagination. As our ISP does not like being harassed we have been forced to "agree". This excerpt comes via fair use but you will need to find the rest somewhere else.
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This Normal comment was left by David Moger [score: 0]:

A well informed, balanced view. Bad news travels fast, but the vulnerable young people have been left with very little after the closure-surely that's worse?
10/04/2016 17:18:06

This Normal comment was left by Anna Barrowcliffe [score: 0]:

Surely someone should be investigating the bad management of the school? How was it allowed to get in to so much debt? Why was so much money spent inappropriately? I worked with three headmaster's at the RSDC how did they mange the school so well as many others before them and this last one get it so wrong. Why, why, why?
11/04/2016 15:05:42

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

I fear we may always have more questions than answers. More importantly what are the many vulnerable people who rely on these services to do now?
18/04/2016 00:17:03

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