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Fixed and improved.

Along with the improvements to the road surfaces that I triggered I can also happily report that a certain road sign has also been repaired.

Now if I can get some attention to the rather deadly corner as well I shall be most pleased.

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This Normal comment was left by Observer [score: 0]:

As can anyone who calls KCC and reports a problem that needs fixing on the roads.
23/04/2011 11:50:04

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

Are you electioneering without the banner saying "promoted and published by xxx of the LibDems"? you dont want to get into trouble.
23/04/2011 13:07:22

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Observer: This is very true but until I reported the problems they went unaddressed.

Dave: I'm simply reporting the facts as the nay-sayers who want to insist I'm negative the whole time are starting to irritate. I'm not saying "vote for me please" as I am sure that the people of Dane Valley are more than intelligent enough to make up their own mind.
25/04/2011 17:32:26
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