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Electronic Cigarette shop to open in Broadstairs

Broadstairs will be seeing Kent's Broadstairs' first Vape Coffee Shop open for users of electronic cigarettes.

I caught up with Sean Donnellan, the proprietor of Vape Elite for the inside scoop.

Donnellan explained just what vaping is and why it is better for you. There's a lot of people that would rather slate it because of bad press, he told me. I'm all for educating people because it's a much more healthy option for smoking.

When you smoke a regular cigarette you inhale over 3900 harmful toxins as does everyone arround you. With vaping, on the other hand, you are at least 90% safer and no longer putting others at risk.

But is it as safe as people claim? Keep reading for the full story.

Donnellan told me about his mother who has given up smoking thanks to vaping. Donnellan's mother smoked heavily for 45 years but in a very short time was able to cut down to one a day. She experienced a very rapid improvement in her breathing and sense of wellness.

The primary ingredient in e-liquids that produce the effect of smoke (the vapor) is Propylene Glycol. I put it to Donnellan that this was found in antifreeze which can't be good.

Donnellan agreed that crude Propylene Glycol is used in antifreeze but, he tld me, e-liquids use food grade Propylene Glycol found in Polo mints and Werthers Originals. this is the best thing to aid people to move on to a cleaner option, Donnellan told me.

Vape Elite will be opening early next month with italian coffee served by trained barristers as well as an enthusiastic young man ready to help Thanet's smokers move on to something less harmful.

We have been talking about vaping and eCigs on Facebook where the opinion seems to be generally in favour of them. Join us there or leave a comment below and tell us what you think of Broadstairs getting Kent's Broadstairs' first Vape Coffee Shop.

Have you tried vaping - how did it work out for you?

Is this shop a good thing for Thanet?

Is this the safer future of smoking?

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