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Do you have any fond memories of the Thanet Times

The Thanet Times has gone.

Was The Thanet Times an important part of Thanet life and will, a year from now, it be missed?

Raising a glass to days of fun and frivolity at the Thanet Times | This is Kent

DID Hitler visit Thanet? Did songstress Mandy Winters have an alien's baby? Was a Ramsgate man eaten by a crocodile? The answers to these and a thousand similar intrigues could be found in the pages of...

Thanet Times was one of the Northcliffe Media titles that were offered for sale to the KM Group until the OFT said no to the sale.

Northcliffe closes another weekly | Media |

The axe has a finally fallen on the Thanet Times, a part-free, part-paid weekly that was one of seven titles Northcliffe Media tried to sell to the KM Group last year.

Thanet Times has been running for over a hundred years. They said via ThisIsKent It has been an honour to bring you the Thanet Times every week and we could not have done it without you our readers.

Thanet Times publishes its final edition after 116 years | This is Kent

TODAY we turn the page on a piece of isle history with the final edition of the Thanet Times.The newspaper which spanned three centuries during its 116 year history, brought all the best local news...

Did you read Thanet Times?

Do you have any fond memories of the Thanet Times? Tell us about them.

Northcliffe axes Kent weekly after 116 years - Journalism News from HoldtheFrontPage

The closure of the Thanet Times after 116 years of publication was announced in this weeks edition and carried on its website thisiskent today.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

Must be the sign of falling economic activity in the area if a paper has to close. So much for the T.C. bringing prosperity. At least W.X seems to be prospering but at Margate's expense.
02/10/2012 18:26:01

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

To be honest it was on the cards for some time now. We were told it was possible if the sale to KM did not go through as there were no other potential buyers around. The sale was blocked because KM would have a monopoly and now instead KM have a monopoly.
05/10/2012 13:55:05
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