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Did you fall for the local press "tornado" mistake?

These are not photographs of Tornadoes people.

The local media has finally noticed that Thanet experiences plenty of down-draft vortex winds but seems fixated on calling them tornadoes, which they very much are not.

The "Thanet Tornadoes" are actually fairly common funnel clouds.

This is not a tornado in Thanet

A funnel cloud can be caused by Squall Line Thunderstorms (commen in these parts) and any other highly differentiated cold fronts moving in. These cold fronts usually bring rain and are very common here in Thanet.

When funnel clouds form in conditions such as ours they lack the energy to last any real time and definitely lack the energy to transform into tornadoes.

Weaker are funnel clouds that form in fluffy white clouds. The best you can hope for from these is a weak water spout that might last a few minutes. Even so just to see that you are going to have to look for light funnel clouds in more arid places.

In arid conditions (not found in Thanet but more often found in America) Supercell Thunderstorms can form. Supercell storms produce noticeable funnel clouds which have enough energy to become tornadoes. This is not the only way that real Tornadoes form but it is the most common.

Also not a tornadoin Thanet

As Thanet lacks the conditions to create a Supercell Storm the only Tornado you are likely to see arround here is the type with wings and an engine.

This, however, is a Tornado

That said if you have any impressive images of Thanet based funnel clouds we would be happy to share them.

Have you seen any of this year's crop of funnel clouds?

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