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David Green has been gone a year

It has been over a year since Councillor David Green published an update to his Eastcliff Matters blog giving rise to the idea that "they" have finally shut him down.

You may recall that Cllr Green suddenly shut down his blog under pressure and this gave rise to Thanet's most unanimous outcry. Then, a little later his blog again went silent and this time Cllr Green would not give a reason. Now with this "code" for blogging as a councillor in place it seems that the Conservative dominated council has indeed sealed this source of news.

Interestingly the one I suspect as the prime target has not stopped writing.

Cllr Green might have written the occasionally overly formatted post, or otherwise demonstrated a lack of finesse with his platform of choice but he made a significant contribution to the local blogging scene all the same. The one year anniversary of his last blog post past unnoticed and uncelebrated.

It has, likewise, been over 200 days since his last twitter update. Which in terms of the Internet is several lifetimes. A sad loss for us on every point of the political spectrum.

I am, therefore, granting a Post-Facto "rising star" award to David's blog in the hope that one day soon it will rise from the dust and return to the level of interesting output that it had before.

Without ground breakers like David Green Thanet could remain in the political dark ages forever.

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