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Criminal investigation into Ramsgate incident

The live animal transport report regarding Port Ramsgate is being held up by the criminal justice system.

stop live animal exports
The formal report into what happened in Port Ramsgate when over 40 animals were put down leading to a temporary closure of the port to live animal transport has been delayed due to criminal proceedings. Apparently Farming Minister David Heath received a specific request from Kent Trading Standards. Kent Trading Standards, it seems, is pursuing criminal investigations and wants the report out of the public sight until these are dealt with.

According to the Farmers Guardian a criminal investigation is preventing the publication of a report into an incident at Ramsgate port in September.

Mr Heath apparently also said that approximately 95% (that's 19 out of every 20)) of transporters using Ramsgate are not authorised in Great Britain. Which begs the question if only 5% of the transporters are legal what have Defra and AHVLA (Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency) been doing about it. Not enough seems to be the answer or, more accurately, issuing statutory notices and verbal warnings.

Reading between the lines here might I suggest that if the unsatisfactory transporters were off road then the incident at Port Ramsgate could never have happened.

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