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Councils the world over...

I'd like to bring some cheer to readers and remind you that it is not just TDC that get things especially wrong sometimes.

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This Normal comment was left by Richard [score: 0]:

For those out for their morning jog who fancy some improvised Roman Chair squats.
17/01/2009 18:03:50

This Normal comment was left by Richard [score: 0]:
Giving my age away "old school exercise"
17/01/2009 18:06:35

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Well that is one use for them. and don't forget you are only as young as you feel which makes me ninety today I need a nap.
18/01/2009 13:31:51

This Normal comment was left by Richard [score: 0]:

I wonder if I could do my outrigger sit ups and my side sit ups on such a bench with a shelter back wall against it. Think at 18 stones I will stick to the arrangement I built in my gym at home.

The side sit ups are supposed to be good for lung damage (for which I get a war disablement pension by the way). But get the foot position right as otherwise the sit up involves a nutcracker geometry.

They say if you are weightlifting to address lung damage you should do bent arm pullovers with a dumbell straight after the side sit ups.

I do one pre exhaust combination in a session. For example reverse bench, seated triceps press down and triceps extension. The idea is to take only three breaths between sets and to do a minimum 72 reps for the muscle group.

This maybe (the science is not in yet) helps build the muscle energy storage system which supplements the aerobic system. This seems to be why the heavy men with lung problems can do a hell of a lot more than the ex joggers and marathon runners who are disabled at maybe 50% lungs. In USA they got the big muscly old boys riding 40 miles with 30% lungs.

I extend the Buteyko Russian lung physio theory into weightlifting. There are dangers in this but it works for me (well so far anyway, I am 60)

It might be a good idea in Thanet (given the crap water supply) to exercise a lot without even getting out of breath. IE Gentle long strolls Not for cardiovascular conditioning but to aid chelating. (ridding the body of pollutants)

For such gentle chelating walks you need rests on park benches ....
18/01/2009 21:23:03
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