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Councillor Green Addresses the China Gateway Vote

Councillor David Green has addressed the China Gateway vote in a blog posting. In his post he praised the efforts of Michael Child to [...] get the Council to include more of the statutary consultees comments so the public can see them. In his post Cllr Green detailed that he had read all relevant documents and undertaken site visits and consultations over and above the minimum expected of him.

Cllr Green was very clear that he had yet to reach a conclusion as to how he will vote although commenters have speculated this is to avoid being removed from the vote. Similarly he addressed the issue of the donations to his party from the developer and if it had biased his opinion. I have concluded that it has not he said.

Councillor David Green also joined Cllr Chris Wells in calling for the debate to be broadcast. There is too much distrust of Councillors around this issue, said Cllr Green, broadcasting the meeting might help the public to understand the issues as they are put in a Planning context. I understand that the Planning Committee is already routinely recorded, so there is no excuse in not broadcasting it, even if it cannot be done live.

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