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Cllr Shirley Tomlinson vs Someone's Grandfather

Thanet District Council are in the news again for supporting the over zealous street warden who fined Grandfather Lazarus Michael £60 the moment his cigarette was knocked his out of his hand. The events took place in Margate high-street while two police officers were attempting to arrest shoplifters. In the confusion and bustle a full cigarette was knocked away from Lazarus Michael but before he could reach to retrieve it he was pounced upon and fined.

Lazarus Michael says I wasnít littering as it was a full cigarette. But before I had a chance to pick it up, the warden had come up to me and asked me to come with him. I didnít know what he wanted so I went to talk to him. This is apparently a mistake so the warning seems to be do not talk to wardens as explains He gave me the fine and didnít give me a chance to explain, if he hadnít come over to talk to me I would have bent down and picked it up without giving it another thought.

TDC have indicated that they are happy with the actions of the warden and Cllr Shirley Tomlinson has announced that there will be no exceptions under any circumstances. This is dangerously Soviet in attitude and opens the way for abusive fine practices from target staved wardens. Short of the ability to prove innocence there is no possible defence against random fines.

(Very compassionate and insightful Shirly (not))

TDC it seems have suspended the right to a fair trail or to be considered innocent until proven to be otherwise in favour of trying to get the man on the street to dish up towards the £3 Billion that the Conservative lead council are so badly hurting for. This I feel is the true reason why TDC are getting tough.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Rick [score: 0]:

Zero tolerance ?

Must remember to look up TDC members declared interests.

Hypothetically if certain members had received (Peter Mandelson style) help towards their property purchases, that sort of thing.

Matt when you email me, and my site manageress in residence just completing her 32 year probationary period, with your seasonal good wishes I must remember to reply in confidence to you to give you the story on this.

I have been unable to get the minutes of the relevant meeting so will not publish.
11/12/2008 21:50:23

This Normal comment was left by tony beachcomber [score: 0]:

Looks like another addition to the long list of people who will not be voting Conservative in the next local elections.
11/12/2008 22:19:14

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Rick I will drop you an email in the next few days.

It's almost as if they don't want to be in power any more, Tony. That or they are being very arrogant.
12/12/2008 08:29:56

This Normal comment was left by Adem [score: 0]:

Surely it would be better to wait 20 seconds and see what that person is doing with the rubbish.

If a 5 year-old drops a sweet wrapper is there not time for the parent to pick it up or are they suddenly swooped upon?

We shall all have to be very careful.
12/12/2008 10:40:14

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

It strikes me that this guy was more than likely on a bonus or commission scheme of some kind. Parking tickets seem to be given out in the same way. Or is that just me?
13/12/2008 17:30:23
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