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Cllr Ezikial - Just another silverback?

Sandy Ezekiel - Bully or Idiot?
Image: based on a photo taken by Kabir Bakie
at the Cincinnati Zoo July, 2005
I went through a long process and a lot of options trying to come up with a title for this post. To be honest I couldn't pick one that sufficiently expressed my utter contempt and disgust for the behaviour of the so called leader of the council.

It seems that Cllr Iris Johnston was invited to a shop to collect a 1,500 signature petition. Rather than let the event happen unnoticed by the media and even us bloggers Sandy Ezekiel and his side kick Cllr Roger Latchford rolled up to make sure that the issue not only made the papers but made the labour party look good too.

The two jocks, for reasons that are utterly beyond me, behaved in what can only be described as a breach of the peace (a minor criminal offense). Latchford muscled up to Cllr Johnston and tried to grab the petition from her. My reaction to reading this can not safely be reprinted but it would not have spoken well of our local BNP councilors.

Cllr Johnston quite rightly told the two naughty boys they could see the document when it had been duly filed. This pushy and aggressive attitude from our local councillors makes me ashamed to have come from the same county as they. All they are doing is blackening the already dire reputation of Thanet Council (something many have thought impossible).

According to the Thanet Extra "Cllr Ezekiel stressed that the council was working closely with local police ...". My reaction to this statement was to think - yeah but only to make sure no one got nicked. The only think Cllr Blagit Ezekiel and Cllr Snatchit Latchford proved was that we are in dire need of more policeman in the high-street to keep the place safe from thugs such as themselves.

I can now say that I utterly despair of and despise our council - what sort of example are they setting? I've seen local street gangs treat each other with more respect. It is utterly unacceptable and I, for one, call for their resignation.

I think the time has come to admit that the last thing Thanet needs is a mindlessly aggressive silverback in charge of the snake oil salesman that are, in general, the representatives of Thanet District Council. It is all well and good letting a random selection of locals with the emotional and intellectual age of a twelve year old play at being councillors but I have to draw the line when they allow the violence to spill out onto the street.

After all we in Thanet have been more than happy to pretty much ignore our local council as almost all the effective work is carried out by lackeys on excessive wages. However now that the violent re-offenders we call local politicians have started to take the pointless fighting out into the real world it might be time to call for a change.

The problem is how the heck to vote for?

The current playground gang is mostly made up of Conservatives (aka "Da Tory Crew") and it is clear they have to go. Sadly the next strongest option is the labour party and aside from sporting a few non violent members they are at the end of the day totally aligned with the current dickheads in Parliament. I'm fully with Tony Flaig on this subject - the current labour party is, nationally, a sick joke.

So what does this leave us?

The current number of independents is low and frankly likely to stay low. Even if we add the marginal groups and one issue bodies that still leaves us with not enough to form a decent replacement (in real life anyway).

So that pretty much leaves a party with no councillors at all (that I know of) the Liberal Democrats. Good ol' Lib Dem - they don't really stand for anything strongly enough to get noticed but they are, at least, somewhere to put your vote when you'd rather eat your own vomit than vote for either of the other two parties.

My message to the Tory party is strike off the secret BNP and assorted thugs (like Sandy Ezekiel) from the roster and we'll talk. My message to the labour party would be... let's face it the party is a mess it might be better to take it into the shed, give it a last meal and then shoot it quickly and cleanly.

Just in case you care: "Is Sandy Ezikial a bully?", "Is Sandy Ezikial just a yob with a job" and "Sandy Ezikial says: I'm in charge so give me your dinner money" were some other titles I considered.

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