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Chris Wells: Laziest Councillor in Kent

I would like to present this un-award to Chris Wells for being particularly bad value for money these last six months.

This special non-credit goes to Councillor Chris Wells who seems to have spent a little too much time in the local boozer (or where-ever he hides) and too little time in meetings for which he is hansomly rewarded for attending.

Mr Wells managed just 50% of his TDc meetings and the only councillor to attend fewer was seriously (as in life threateningly) ill. At KCC Mr Wells also fails to impress managing just 38.5% of his meetings making his also the lowest attendance in all of Kent.

While I doubt that Mr Wells missing two thirds of his Kent commitments and half of Thanet commitments is likely to be explained any time soon this particular Conservative can comfort himself with the Thanet Star un-award for Laziest Councillor in Kent.

Jolly poor show old chap.

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