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Chris Wells: Laziest Councillor in Kent

I would like to present this un-award to Chris Wells for being particularly bad value for money these last six months.

This special non-credit goes to Councillor Chris Wells who seems to have spent a little too much time in the local boozer (or where-ever he hides) and too little time in meetings for which he is hansomly rewarded for attending.

Mr Wells managed just 50% of his TDc meetings and the only councillor to attend fewer was seriously (as in life threateningly) ill. At KCC Mr Wells also fails to impress managing just 38.5% of his meetings making his also the lowest attendance in all of Kent.

While I doubt that Mr Wells missing two thirds of his Kent commitments and half of Thanet commitments is likely to be explained any time soon this particular Conservative can comfort himself with the Thanet Star un-award for Laziest Councillor in Kent.

Jolly poor show old chap.

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Public Comments

This Insightful Golden comment was left by John [score: 4]:

Again, you're not looking at the whole picture. Perhaps you should ask how many local residents meetings Chris Wells has attened. Then ask the same question to Jodi Hibbert.
01/05/2013 14:55:06

This Unhelpful Hidden comment was left by John [score: -6]:

01/05/2013 14:57:04

This Insightful Golden comment was left by dave [score: 4]:

Its council meetings where decisions are taken and if councillors don't turn up then they must have a very good reason why they don't. Local resident meetings must be organised in such a way that the council ones take priority. Now if a councillor has taken up more than they can chew and have time for then they should step aside.
01/05/2013 16:51:10

This Bland Normal comment was left by John [score: 3]:

I'm not saying they're unimportant, just that they're not the whole story.

Regardless, it seems that very few people in Thanet have had any visitors or leaflets from Lib-Dems, so they probably won't get voted in anyway.
01/05/2013 17:31:47

This Bland Hidden comment was left by Dave [score: -4]:

01/05/2013 20:34:05

This Insightful Golden comment was left by Matt B [score: 4]:

No one else has the problem that Chris does with attendance. If it's too much for him...
01/05/2013 23:12:48

This Unhelpful Hidden comment was left by John [score: -2]:

01/05/2013 23:26:36

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 2]:

I've been mostly housebound to be honest and I think it is late enough in the day to not shy away from the fact that Tony and I were (unfunded) paper candidates (that means any progress we make we make on our own). It is my understanding that we have both, in our own way, been quite active but just because we didn't get to you...

The question is not are the Tories going to lose but who is going to replace them?

If it makes much difference I saw one Labour leaflet and (aside from our own limited print run) that's been all I've seen this whole time.
02/05/2013 00:00:46

This Bland Hidden comment was left by John [score: -1]:

02/05/2013 08:28:29

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 3]:

I case you need to know John, just ring TDC as Matt would have done for rubbish and dog mess. I know its confusing having 2 councils to deal with, that's one reason why we should have a unitary council.
03/05/2013 17:44:00

This Unhelpful Hidden comment was left by John [score: -4]:

03/05/2013 18:12:18

This Funny Normal comment was left by Bob [score: 1]:

He's gone now.
03/05/2013 23:50:53
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