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Chief Executives Pay-Out Confirmed by TDC Accounts.

Michael Child is reporting on the recent publication of Thanet District Council's accounts. Of particular interest to me is what the accounts as reported by Michael show.

Despite Cllr Simon Moores and Cllr Chris Wells calling Thanet Star, her readers and myself (the reporter) all sorts of rude names over our reporting of the Chief Executives pay-out the leaked information was pretty darn accurate. Mr Wells and Mr Moores please note I vet and protect my sources and it would do yourselves and your party credit to admit that your protests were non-factual.

thanetonline: Thanet District Council Publishes Draft Accounts

“The Authority terminated the contracts of a number of employees in 2011/12 incurring liabilities of £694k (£111 in 2010/11). Of this total, £92k is payable to the Chief Executive, in the form of compensation for loss of office and enhanced pension benefits of £81k, a further £67k was payable to the Director of Regeneration Services for loss of office and enhanced pension benefits of £83k, these would be disclosed in note 35 however, although the restructure was agreed in 10/11 and a as a result the cost accrued, the staff will not leave until 2011/12. The remaining £370k is payable to 13 officers from various services who were made redundant as part of the Authority’s restructure.”

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

What did you expect from the councilors as it was in the run up to the local elections and they would rather it was kept a secret.
And in next years accounts you should be able to see whether £30,000 was the amount paid to the ex chief exec as returning officer fees. There is an outstanding (100 days overdue) FOI requested for this information under 'Thanet' on the whatdotheyknow web site.
Every council chief exec knows that it is part of there normal duties to act as returning officer and maybe years ago when they were paid a lot less a fee was fair but in the present time their pay is more than enough to cover this task.
13/07/2011 17:52:01

This Normal comment was left by malestb [score: 0]:

payout are really common...what do we expect from them?just a thought in my mind..
13/07/2011 20:31:49
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