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Can you do better at design than Me?

One thing that I have always told my development clients is that I am not a designer I am an engineer and if they would like top level design then they will need to pay for a designer. Judging by the very small smattering of comments on site one could be forgiven for thinking that the new design was without merit.

This is a design that was put in front of a fair few folk with largely positive feedback.

However not being one to pass by an opportunity to let the readers get involved I bring you not one but three different ways that you can help "improve" the Thanet Star design.

Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

1. Save us from a shocking logo by supplying us with a great one. This earns you bragging rights on the logo design. You might want to be quick though as the designs have already started coming in.

2. Download the stylesheet and colourise, layout, resize and generally be cool with the look of the site and then email it to me so I can see it in action. Good and great redesigns will be considered for use in the final product. Again you get bragging rights.

3. Take the survey which gives you the chance to offer some design specific feedback.

Let us see who is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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