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Can Manston be saved and if so how?

Can Manston be saved? You tell us.

Manston Airport

There have been some (who shall remain nameless) who have suggested that Manston is too far gone, too expensive to save. We could never win a Compulsory Purchase Attempt against Ms Gloag's deep pockets, they say.

These same some have also suggested that the airport is non viable as a commercial operation. To which I have to say humbug to. I agree with the Lib-Dem PPCs George Cunningham and Rus Timpson - Manston can easily be run at a good profit if only the effort were made.

So I open the floor to you - can Manston actually be saved (and how) or is it too late?

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Public Comments

This Unhelpful Hidden comment was left by Meeeeee [score: -2]:

03/06/2014 17:37:53

This Helpful Normal comment was left by Gollum [score: 2]:

The whole argument about the CPO is surreal. It isn't a matter of whether TDC could win in a court battle against the Scotswoman. The real question is what TDC's plan would be if it were to CPO the airport. The court would undoubtedly want to know what TDC planned to do with the airport. They can't just lease it to River Oak because that would be viewed as using the CPO process to favour one property developer over another. And where would TDC get the money from. They are struggling to find the money to CPO Dreamland and Manston would cost many times that. TDC doesn't have the money. Again, if it were to be suggested that River Oak funded the CPO, the council would be in the dock for misusing the CPO process.

I'm sorry to disappoint the pro-airporters, but someone has led you up the garden path by suggesting that TDC could use a CPO. It is neither feasible nor sensible. Let it go and do something more constructive with your time. I hear there are some cheap airfix models in Ramsgate's model shop.
03/06/2014 22:46:24

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Some might argue that this is what lottery funding is for. How would you respond to that?
04/06/2014 09:35:58

This Normal comment was left by Brogan Hutchings [score: 0]:

Can't the council just "borrow in principle" (where the bank agrees "if you get permission then we will lend to you") against the value of "bids in principle" (where the investors have agreed "should you get this then we are commit to a bid of X until year Y"?
04/06/2014 09:49:23

This Normal comment was left by Tim McAdam [score: 0]:

What about KCC they would surely have a stake in this and have access to the lion's share of the money we pay in council tax?
04/06/2014 10:08:07

This Normal comment was left by Meeeeee [score: 0]:

We need a list of all the local cllrs who don't support this, just so the electorate remember in 2 years time.
04/06/2014 10:27:22

This Normal comment was left by Tango and Cash [score: 0]:

I have really enjoyed and supported Manston over the years, including flying with EU jet on several occasions, spent many happy hours outside at the Spitfire Museum wacthing the aircraft, airshowsetc etc etc.

But alas, I Have to agree with Gollum here. If - "I agree with the Lib-Dem PPCs George Cunningham and Rus Timpson - Manston can easily be run at a good profit" was an accurate statement, then I am given to wonder why several professional airport operators have failed to do so, and why so many airlines have been through Manston in the last decade or so, all with the same result.

Lottery funding, on what grounds? I don't believe that 20million's worth of lottery funding is going to be available to try to buy and run an airport at a profit, that nobody else has managed to do thus far.

As for a CPO, I'm not sure that trying to impliment one on the grounds of some people think Thanet should have a (loss making) airport would be very firm legal grounds on which to try to launch a stunningly expensive legal case to wrest control of a facility that the council has never owned. If such a folly was attempted, and by some miricle was successful, where would TDC found the money to buy it, given that it's worth considerably more than the 7million thus far offered for it.

I think it more likely at this stage that planning permission will be sought for house, refused, apealled, and granted after much anast and protest from the usual quaters. But whatever the eventual outcome, I strongly suspect that Manston's commercial flying days are behind it.

Just one further thought, where were all the pro Manston groups and people when the airport was being vociferously attacked on all sides? I think that that is at least part of the reason why Manston failed to attract any long term, quality and well paying work.
04/06/2014 16:14:56

This Normal comment was left by John Holyer [score: 0]:


Your argument is damaged by your palpable arrogance which is demonstrated with your snide airfix comment. Consequently I put your opinion neither here nor there.
05/06/2014 10:49:41

This Normal comment was left by Meeeeee [score: 0]:

I see the "In Touch With Thanet" page is doing exactly as I suggested by naming and shaming those against a CPO (and as I predicted they're mostly left-wingers!). Another reason to support UKIP.
06/06/2014 07:08:31

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