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Beating debt at Christmas

Keep an eye on the this Christmas season. The word with those that "know" is that are becoming ever more predatory in their sales of high interest loans. This is a strong sign of currently hidden economic difficulties as bank work harder to main profitable growth in the face of some tough times.

What can be done to escape from over spend? Lets talk about it shall we...

"Some banks are repeatedly telephoning customers to try to get them to take out costly loans, against the advice of debt charities... The BBC's Breakfast programme has discovered some customers who have an agreed debt repayment plan with a debt advice charity are being put under pressure to take out loans, sometimes at a higher interest rate than they are already paying."
BBC News 24, Saturday, 15 December 2007, 05:41 GMT

So while you are enjoying a please remember that a growing number of vulchers are watching and hoping that your income will be a Christmas present for them. While I have no intention of telling my readers how much they need to send this year do not forget that some gifts (your time and your attention) cost no money at all. Buy-Nothing Christmas have a well written page of alternatives to spending and while this might not be for everyone it is definitely worth thinking about.

Do you have any tips on saving the pennies (or even the pounds) at ?

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