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BBC show Thanet may be overdeveloped

According to statistics, Thanet may be overdeveloped.

Admittedly that's not the official line but it hard to see how else the figures can be interpreted.

A new BBC page, "How much of your area is built on?" shows that Thanet is heavily developed.

According to the page, Thanet has less than 1% of land in a natural state compared to the national average of 35%.

Likewise, 27% of Thanet is "built on" compared to less than 6% of the UK as a whole. To give that some perspective - before this value doubled twice, Thanet would be 100% buildings. Dover, by comparison, is only 8% built on. Canterbury 9% (with 16% of land still in a natural state).

The only comparable area for buildings is Medway (which contains Rochester and Gillingham) which is 28% built on but still with 10% natural land.

See the figures for yourself.

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