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An open letter to Labour from bloggers

Dear Clive and Other High standing spokesperson for Labour Thanet,

It has come to our attention that you have failed to answer the questions of the press and public in regards to your reply to Mark Nottingham. With the ellection looming we am sure that you want to be about the business of slagging of the Conservatives so if you would be so kind as to come back and post a few more answers we can have this matter cleared up by lunchtime.

Question Number One: (Submitted by Thanet Star readers)
Did Kay Dark deceive the selection process?

Question Number Two: (Submitted by Matt B, Thanet Star)
Would Clive Hart as leader have known if Kay Dark was attending the meetings she Mark Nottingham has suggested she is not being fully truethful about?

Question Three: (Asked by Tony of Big News Margate)
Is Clive resigning?

Question Number 3b: (Logical follow up)
Who will replace Clive?

Question Number Four: (Submitted by Thanet Star readers)
Did Councillor Hart write a favourable report for the selection process about Kay Dark suitability as a candidate?

Question Number Five: (Asked by almost everyone)
Why doesn't Councillor Hart publish his evidence? He claims that there were reviews and such - well, where are the findings?

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