Thanet Star

A fresh new look

Thanet Star is now sporting a whole new look.

After a whole bunch of testing and one or two embarrassing technical errors the new improved design has been rolled out for you to enjoy.

The main thrust of this design change is to reduce the amount of navigational options getting in the way of the good reading while at the same time making that reading bigger, brighter and more visually appealing. Also there is a general move away from the Mat-centric design to one that embraces the whole team.

You will also notice a new feature the Byte Sized posts. These are titchy tiny nibbles of information. Matt (that's me) is working hard on creating background tasks that will update the Byte Size with a link to new posts by interesting Thanet bloggers because Thanet is bigger than any one news source.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by joe blow [score: 0]:

Way too many ads and gadgets. Great to have lost that 'bloke in a hat' giant picture but also an opportunity lost to clean up the whole thing. Shame.
26/11/2013 13:00:05