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A fresh new look

Thanet Star is now sporting a whole new look.

After a whole bunch of testing and one or two embarrassing technical errors the new improved design has been rolled out for you to enjoy.

The main thrust of this design change is to reduce the amount of navigational options getting in the way of the good reading while at the same time making that reading bigger, brighter and more visually appealing. Also there is a general move away from the Mat-centric design to one that embraces the whole team.

You will also notice a new feature the Byte Sized posts. These are titchy tiny nibbles of information. Matt (that's me) is working hard on creating background tasks that will update the Byte Size with a link to new posts by interesting Thanet bloggers because Thanet is bigger than any one news source.

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Public Comments

This Normal comment was left by joe blow [score: 0]:

Way too many ads and gadgets. Great to have lost that 'bloke in a hat' giant picture but also an opportunity lost to clean up the whole thing. Shame.
26/11/2013 13:00:05

This Bland Hidden comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: -3]:

26/11/2013 17:24:41

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Alaso, I find that I'm having to scroll from left to right. Never good for a website.
26/11/2013 17:25:57

This Insulting Hidden comment was left by Col [score: -8]:

27/11/2013 10:56:03

This Funny Normal comment was left by Anon [score: 1]:

Aargh, my eyes !

Is it 1997 again ??
27/11/2013 11:16:06

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Seems like I'm not alone here Matt. I really don't know why you don't use Blogspot. Not only does it make things easier for most other people (no new sign-in / ID), but there's some nice uncluttered templates. Here's one of my blogs to give you an idea:

Failing that, I really suggest you get someone with more visual sense to help you.
28/11/2013 09:00:59

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

It's good to see that people are, at least, reading and on site. I invite the artistic among you to submit your own versions of the style sheet for a revision. After all it's easy to be critical but harder to contribute.

Peter, if you are side scrolling then I shall assume that you've not undertaken that hardware review we spoke about and I do at least know who the one visitor with the tiny screen resolution is. I would have thought you'd have upped the size of your screena rea to at least 1240 by now.
28/11/2013 23:40:08

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

When I try that some of your blog is too small to read, and anyway I don't need to do that on any other sites (including blogger)...

You didn't address the main criticism from most of us, namely all the ads and gadgets!

What did you think of the clean, uncluttered and straight-to-the-point layout on the link I posted?
28/11/2013 23:51:42

This Normal comment was left by David [score: 0]:

5 years ago this site was getting as many comments as all the other local blogs, yet these days hardly anyone comments while Thanetonline, Thanet Life, Eastcliffe Richard and BigNewsMargate thrives. Surely that should tell you something Matt?
29/11/2013 07:11:48

This Informative Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 3]:

To be honest Peter I had to zoom to 150% to be able to read the very small font. I had scrolled a long time before I started to get a feel for why I was on page and I noticed a long list to my right with no real explanation of what it was and why I should be interested. The cruft was just as present as any other blog in Thanet (this one including) except that t was hidden further down. It just was not my cup of tea, Peter. That said it is an example of under use of colour to make maximum effect when there is colour.

David, this post has ten comments so perhaps it is as well read as any other but as the angry aggressive types are generally not tolerated a touch more peaceful?
29/11/2013 10:32:26

This Normal comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: 0]:

Exactly Matt. You had to zoom in because of the screen resolution... yet some of the text you have on here is even smaller: on the left of the page the bit that starts "The following links area provided as is with no particular indication of any suitability..." for example.

At least my blog is TOTALLY ad free though, so people know that they're only there to read what I've posted rather because I want to entice them to play online billiards or get gadget insurance.
29/11/2013 10:56:33

This Funny Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 1]:

If you would like to make a regular monthly donation towards the running costs I too could reduce my advertising down to just promoting Google's platform too. There is always an advert even with "free" services. I'm just being honest about mine.
29/11/2013 14:00:26

This Normal comment was left by David [score: 0]:

No Matt, with blogger you can choose whether to include ads or not. So please get your facts straight.
29/11/2013 15:29:31

This Insightful Golden comment was left by Matt B [score: 4]:

With blogger you will always be promoting blogger which is owned by google. Nothing in this life is entirely free just because you've missed the way in which you are paying does not mean that you did not pay.
30/11/2013 12:42:12

This Normal comment was left by James TC [score: 0]:

I have to agree with the two or three grumpy old gits that seem to be dominating this thread insofar as the design is less than perfect but then I've yet to see a site for anywhere in Thanet is is even close to excellence so you are in good company.

Consider the source of the advice that you are getting here. A guy who thinks Google's Blogger is the tip-top of blogging and a few grumpy old men with not a single constructive thing to say between them.

I like the modern rounding effect you have achieved. I like the fact that it applies to pictures as well as boxes. I think the comments should be in a box.

I like the way that you have cleaned away all of the navigation into a menu system. That's very good.

I think it was a shame to loose the profile picture. If the grumpy gits don't want to see the author of the blog and can only come up with weak ways to say that they would not choose to wear your hat then sod 'em and bring it right back.

I think the body text could stand to be larger and the comment text with it. Talking of comments I think you will probably get more comments when and if you drive away the trolls that have been spewing forth third rate wankst in place of having anything interesting to say.
30/11/2013 12:53:01

This Off Topic Hidden comment was left by Peter Checksfield [score: -3]:

30/11/2013 13:02:32
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