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41 Unemployed to Every Job in Thanet

Thanet Officially has a Job Shortage

Official figures show that there are 134,200 people living in Thanet. They also show that from December to Janurary the number of available jobs fell from 400 to 300. Yet unemployment has hit 12.2% up from the 5.3% of 2007.

If in 2010 the BBC was saying that Thanet was the worse placed to cope with recession what now? Well in 2013 we are still the worst district for unemployment and we have the lowest rate of primary industry in Kent.

Let's put those numbers together. Let us assume that there are really 400 jobs going. 12.2% unemployment gives us roughly 16,372 unemployed people which leaves fractionally over 41 Job Seekers to every job in Thanet.

The old cry of "get a job" can now be met with an authoritative "from where - your backside?"

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Public Comments

This Informative Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 3]:

Manston announce that the 42 new jobs created by the KLM service had been filled with 55% going to Thanet residents - thats 23, but of the total only 8 were previously unemployed. These jobs will need to cover the first departure at 6.30 and the second arrivial at 10pm and although the airport has not said, could thus be split shift or part time.
Today there are still 2 jobs being advertised on the Mnston web site.
I wonder why all of these jobs have not been taken up by locals?
21/02/2013 10:40:22

This Normal comment was left by DFL [score: 0]:

Not all of thanets population works - children and pensioners spring to mind.

The 12.2 % unemployed is the number of people eligible to work.

Overall Thanet unemployed is around 4,000.

One comment on the local jobs available verses those unemployed - ever heard about commuting?
21/02/2013 13:13:19

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

The office of Statistics dat released this week shows 4919 people in Thanet claiming Jobseekers' Allowance up by 104 from the month before.
21/02/2013 15:09:32

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Dave, there is a good chance that the jobs that went out of area were for skills not presented in the area.

DFL, yes I often commute. It's not so much fun.

Thanks to quality reader research the slightly less (but not much less) depressing figure of 17 jobs per unemployed person is our stark reality.
22/02/2013 01:19:42

This Normal comment was left by Dave [score: 0]:

Matt is does not look good for the future if Thanet could not provide what are semi skilled workers for the new jobs that were offer at Manston - customer services, security, baggage handling etc. It rather defeats the argument that extended flight hours and extra passengers via a new Railway station would be good for local employment.
There is stll a trainee firefighter job on offer!
Could it be that the rates of pay are rock bottom and the hours are very unsociable and the jobs are just not worth taking?
22/02/2013 08:52:06

This Normal comment was left by DFL [score: 0]:

High unemployment, high crime rates, poor health... surely it can't all be bad, otherwise you'd move to a "better" area, right?
22/02/2013 10:16:07

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

Not all of us are quitters. There is no point pretending we don't have a problem and not talking about it only prevents us from ever finding answers.

If I refuse to act how can I expect anyone else to? Admitting we have a problem is the first step to solving it.
24/02/2013 10:16:37

This Normal comment was left by Gypsy Jim [score: 0]:

DFL is right. 8 years ago, for example, there were hundreds of vacancies every week in the Stoke on Trent press. Thousands of empty private tenancies. But employers in many cases ended up employing hard working Poles. Why didn't unemployed whinging Thanetians move to get work ?

And, it must be said, Thanet has a reputation making any employer wary.

I was once asked for area information by a prospective engineering employer (1500 potential jobs in Thanet). In the catchment social network type diagram of trades unionist leaders, IRA supportives, paramilitaries, extremist right wingers, police ineffectives, tory party abberants; Six names bizarrely shared something else in common. All from the same Chatham House year or class of the 1960s. If that the Thanet cream then no hope for the milk .........

The factory did not set up in Thanet.

A TV interviewer this week gave Nick Clegg the Liberals in Eastleigh a really tough time. Where is the apology for Huhne ? Without an apology how does the party expect to move forward in Eastleigh ?

But in Thanet there is a history of always failing to form the foundation to move forward.

Cyril Hoser the tory document forger. Classic example. The unresolved history comes back to roost time and again. Over decades.
28/02/2013 14:10:09

This Insulting Hidden comment was left by John - correctly [score: -4]:

20/08/2013 21:01:29

This Normal comment was left by Matt B [score: 0]:

That should be 17 people per job in my other comment. I am only human.
21/08/2013 13:26:06

This Insulting Hidden comment was left by WAY better :) [score: -4]:

23/08/2013 04:40:30

This Off Topic Hidden comment was left by Naughty User [score: -3]:

29/09/2013 21:24:04
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