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200 missing children mostly from Thanet

While I have been trying to make sense of the figures for the 956 children taken into care last year it seems social services have lost over 200 of them.

Finder of the lost Children
It seems that are reproting on a story headlines Investigation into Kent's missing children in care which is a story concerning the 200 odd missing children lost in the care system.

How the sweet crap do you lose 200 vulnerable children?

According to the article 90% of the children in care are in Thanet which suggests that Thanet District is responsible for losing approximately 180 children. To lose one child is unacceptable this simply defies description. Yet with so many children in the area already living in poverty why are we loading up an under funded district with such a high percentage of cases?

I reported that back in 2011 that Social Services was out of control and lacked scrutiny (according to Hansard debates) and now two years on the problem is no better.

Councillor Wise (Cliftonville East) is quoted as saying: There appears to have been a complete breakdown, if there was ever one established, of links between local authorities and other agencies tasked to monitor the activities of unscrupulous suppliers of children's and adult social services, local estate agents and absentee landlords.

(I could have told you that years ago.)

The question now is - what will be done to find our missing children?

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Public Comments

This Insightful Golden comment was left by Solo Gays [score: 8]:

You are brave taking this issue on. I did a shift once in a children's home in Cliftonville. The owners suddenly introduced an out of control kid from the Eastend who terrified the settled residents and staff(who were leaving in droves fearing for their safety). I was the plonker from an agency who walked in on all this and wondered why it was just me and this older woman holding the fort of about 6 kids with quite severe behaviour problems. I did not escape unscathed as I was attacked with no back-up on the third shift I agreed to attend.

What I found sad was when I was on the second shift, I settled down to watch television with two of the troubled 15 year old lads and a young polish woman agency worker. They seemed to want to believe we were just an ordinary family hanging out, which for a brief while created an atmosphere of calm. It didn't last because any relationships outside of the house are not thought through and planned, citing lack of funding in most cases I suspect. I have heard that some of the most disturbed attract about 3000 in weekly fees?

The system seems to be in need of overhaul. A lot of older agency support workers avoid these places now, which is a shame because we are quite a dedicated crowd, we just won't allow ourselves to be abused by these proprietors. They would rather burn out their regular staff than have outside workers in, who have nothing to lose by reporting concerns.
31/05/2013 20:34:34

This Insightful Golden comment was left by Matt B [score: 4]:

The more I look the more broken things seem. "Urgent" and "review" are two words that come to mind.
09/06/2013 15:59:23

This Normal comment was left by James TC [score: 0]:

Sweet JHC! How the hell does something like this happen?
31/07/2013 17:35:58
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