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    We got a mention in 5 ways to blog from Thanet now.

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    Thanet Creative have a new webiste and a new name

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    Local Art

    Local Artist, John Wooster-Brown has a new website.

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    Like to write?

    If you love to write then the Thanet Creative Writers blog might be the ideal place to connect with your nearest writer group.

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    For those interested in blogging local news in and arround the UK this BBC article from last year is sure to be of interest.


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    Recent Comments

    Revival Eminem... commented on Ukip's Dane Valley councillo...
    I think what you posted was actually very reasonable. But, think on this, what if you...
    [11-12-2017 17:00:43]

    Lynsay Carney commented on Ukip's Dane Valley councillo...
    Cllr Gary Hillman works on the estate where I live in DaneValley .All hours into the...
    [11-12-2017 11:30:37]

    Steklobanki-ja... commented on Police called after crowds o...
    [06-12-2017 02:20:39]

    plakat akrilik commented on Is it just Airport vs Houses...
    All these characteristics of cedar make it a great choice also for fine furniture. ...
    [17-11-2017 03:33:13]

    Terry commented on Spate of serious accidents i...
    There have been many serious injuries caused to pedestrians and riders coming off...
    [04-11-2017 01:04:58]

    Ian Wormleight... commented on Racist attacks children in M...
    Well I've seen it all now. How rediculous this is! What sort of world are we now living...
    [30-08-2017 16:48:42]

    Richard commented on Jon Snow's speech shows why ...
    Well suggestion. Your recent thread about UKIP. Do you remember when national press...
    [27-08-2017 19:13:18]

    Richard commented on Jon Snow's speech shows why ...
    Matt Thanet used to be rich in blogs. Name one thing that they achieved ?
    [26-08-2017 18:28:56]

    Richard commented on UKIP's vile legacy in Thanet
    Was the fake war hero ever a Kent Adventure Training Corps adult instructor ? You were...
    [17-07-2017 23:42:37]

    Matt B commented on Racist attacks children in M...
    She was very brave. I'm sorry that such a nasty thing happened to her.
    [14-07-2017 14:53:08]

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