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UKIP's vile legacy in Thanet

After gaining control of TDC UKIP was been keen to prove it has what it takes. They failed spectacularly.

Since this victory, UKIPs time in power has seen an almost instant u-turn on their support of Manston, a vote in favour of racism, budget problems, indiscessions, a leader that failed (again) to pay tax to his own council (he was not the only UKIP councillor to do that), increased racists attacks, defections, broken promises, and Dreamland in entering administration admist suggestions of the (UKIP) council not pulling their weight.

Not exactly a glowing report.

UKIP did it's best to brand itself as the party of the people at the last local elections but the truth they seem eager to avoid is that they are a mixed bag of ex-tories and less than trustworthy fakes. After all, UKIP is a party that put forward a fake war hero and bigamist and stands accused of flouting of electoral law.

It was a UKIP councillor that was filmed saying compromising things while the chair of the planning committee. Shortly before he switched party citing UKIP's failure over Manston. Says, election pledges before the 2015 election have been largely unfulfilled.

In 2015 Thanet UKIP were forced to expell another member after her extraodinary racist rant on national television.

That embarrassment came around the same time UKIP lost overall control of TDC over its failure to carry out the only election promise it made. Then, a few months later, a report found that the only UKIP controlled Council had less than one-third of what a council of its kind should have.

That shortage of funds goes a long way to explaining why UKIP are so keen to over see a questionable merger of TDC with other councils. The shortage also explains why UKIP are considering selling off 8 council owned properties (including the Quarterdeck).

After the thrashing they received at the last election, it seems the Tory side of UKIP have seen which way the wind is blowing. Reports of UKIP members jumping ship back to the Conservatives do not seem all that uncommon these days.

Jumping ship from UKIP might be the only sensible move politically. After all, the national party is being asked to repay 150,000 of miss-spent funds and locally UKIP are losing votes faster milk turning sour in the hot weather.

So much for running the most boring council in the world.

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The lights are still on

When I started Thanet Star my intention was to shine a light on the parts of Thanet where the media and the council did not want a light to shine.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot that. I forgot that through the efforts of Thanet Star and other blogs like it lies and corruption have been exposed. That the truth was given time in the spotlight instead of spin and deceit.

It was Thanet Star that broke the news that outgoing Chief Executive Richard Samuels Pocketed over 230,000 plus an inflated pension at a time when front line staff were taking pay cuts or losing their jobs altogether.

It feels in many ways now, that the lights are being switched off one by one right when we need them most.

When the last newspaper in Thanet seems content to back an agenda, not in our interest. An agenda that seems to mostly consist of selling out to the backer with the deepest pockets. The question must be asked - who will shine a light on the truth now?

When the news breaking blogs seem to be vanishing, who will ask the hard questions now?

When I started Thanet Star my intention was to shine a light where darkness was preferred. I had forgotten that. I'd lost track of the very reason for maintaining this blog in a maelstrom of other projects.

I cannot undo that those with a destructively negative attitude have chosen to put me through a crucible. What I can do is make a choice. I choose to stand back up.

I choose to shine a light.

I don't know if I can inspire others to do likewise. Maybe that's not my purpose. What I do know is that as long as I am able, I will ask the tough questions.

If the mainstream media will not hold our leaders to account then we must do it for them.

This light is still burning.

The lights are still on

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