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GEEK 2017 at Dreamland

Yesterday, I went along to GEEK 2017 with my blogger hat on. As I mentioned, I was very tired when I got back. So here, the very next day is the article I wanted to write.

GEEK 2017 at Dreamland

GEEK (Game Expo East Kent) has landed once more. This time at Dreamland.

We've covered GEEK most other years at Thanet Star and it has been great but this year it felt like GEEK had come home. It was the perfect fit to hold it at Dreamland.

Also the ticket prices are fairly reasonable per person but it can add up if you go as a family. I honestly thought a "family of four" ticket was a tenner until a friend pointed out that it comes in at just shy of forty. So, yeah, I felt silly. That said, still worth it if you can.

As you come in, you will be greeted by relentlessly happy GEEK volunteers handing out stickers. This is part of something new to GEEK - a house competition. Pick a house and earn tokens (house points) for your house by playing games and getting involved. The people in the GEEK t-shirts will explain the details to you if you ask.

I have it on good authority (from the devs themselves) that the guys at the Bullion stand are handing out points for finding a new bug in the game they are giving a demo of. Bullion is masive fun even if it is an early version.


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Today Thanet Star was at GEEK

I arrived at geek in the hour before GEEK 2017 opened to the public and left as they were locking the doors for the night. This post should have contained lots of pictures and a detailed review of everything on offer. I am shattered so you will have to wait.

While you are waiting, check our twitter feed and Facebook page for pictures.

Here are the Twitter highlights from #GEEK2017 (day 1).

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I have a new bully

I want to explain why I was so loathed to remove a few dozen middling posts from the archives.

A person (I think you might be able to work out who) has taken upon himself to lead a one-man campaign of disinformation about me. I do not think this fellow is politically motivated and I do not think his actions are financial. My best guess is he is just super into being nasty or something.

I have, until now, been trying to ignore him. I have ignored rude emails, blocked him Facebook, blocked fake accounts on Facebook, blocked him on Reddit, silently ignored public blog posts*, said nothing about misinformation on his website, and have not reacted to vague (and incorrect) legal threats by physical post. In other words, I have a bully with all the playground level behaviour that goes with such a creature. Not nice.

* Actually that one is not 100% true. His post complained about hurtful and incorrect postings by both myself and people I run events with. So I made him a series of nicely formatted forms to report said posts because I had no idea what he was talking about. I sent him a link and invited him to specify what was wrong and offered to help. He refused to engage with me. So now I rather fancy this content he objects to does not exist.

Last year, he was writing posts for Thanet star so that I could focus on another project we were working on together (his website). Then a few weeks ago I started getting really aggressive emails claiming copyright violations and threatening legal action.

I ignored the emails and they stopped.

Then my ISP, the nice people who host this site, emailed me saying their legal department had been getting strongly worded complaints. That was when I posted up a request for feedback. It was not that I could not or would not remove the posts but that I did not in any way want to give in to bullying. Given the choice between redacting some posts and going offline I (very sarcastically) redacted them.

As ignoring my bully in the hope that he will go away as not worked, I can only try talking about it in the hope that he will go away.

You know me. I put up with a lot of crap to run this blog. The current (and dare I say, useless) leader of the council has spent a lot of time shouting about how much of a Labour shill I am and I laughed it off (because he was wrong). I stood up to the aggression of local blogging and while that means we have fewer comments here the usual angry (wanting to fight) comments are not found here. I put up with a lot of threats (from Tories) when I exposed how much the TDC chief exec was getting as a golden handshake (and I was right too).

This, however, is a whole other ball-game. This is not a political or ideological disagreement. This is not a debate over houses vs trees or left vs right this is just mean. While we accuse the worst of our council members of bending the truth we have never dealt with one who works purely in lies and character assassinations.

I am only human and I have no doubt that on reflection, years from now, I will see that there are situations I could have handled better. I doubt I am without flaws. Even so, I have to admit that I am simply not coping with this bully situation.

Both my bully and I are, or so he claims, working for the betterment of the same local literary scene and that scene does not need this crap. No one wants this.

All that is happening is my bully is damaging any good work either of us might have done or might do. There are no winners here. Nothing good will come of it.

I've tried reaching out to the trustees of the charity he established and will continue to try and reach out to them but so far they have ignored me.

HF, LM, DC, and anyone else who knows who exactly I am talking about. Please have a word with our mutual acquaintance and ask him to stop his campaign of hate. Please do it, not for me, but for the good of the writers of Thanet.

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Any copyright experts out there?

As you probably know Thanet Star has generally been a collaborative project and different writers produce posts for us at different times.

The understanding has always been that any posts are provided under a perpetual, world-wide (this is the web), non-transferable, license. In other words, once published, it stays published.

The problem is that one of the people who has written for us, I am not saying who that is, has turned into a giant sulky-pants over a completely unrelated issue. This person, let us call him TwitNoodle (because that is kind of funny), has decided to try and come at me from every conceivable direction. So far without any notable successes.

TwitNoodle has found cause to loudly and angrily object to pretty much every project I have ever been involved with. Ever. So far, folks appear to have mostly just laughed this angry little noodle off.

Now, however, they have decided that the articles they contributed are a breach of copyright. If your reaction is some variation of "WTF?" then you are not alone. I pretty much have been ignoring TwitNoodle's increasingly paranoid and rude emails, letters and general harassment.

If you have been wondering why I have not been posting like I once did, this has a lot to do with it. It is very hard to go wrestle with the tribalistic nature of local politics when you have a monkey like this on your back. If I am honest, it is getting me down.

Anyway, now it seems that TwitNoodle has been bombarding my ISP with emails and the legal department have had to get involved. I can prove that TwitNoodle freely offered the articles on this blog for publication, so that's not a problem. What I cannot prove is the nature of a verbal agreement nor of the implied agreement of permanent publication.

The articles themselves receive 0% of the site's traffic so there is no loss to us in this but as our policy has been to strongly oppose bullies I need a way to move forward.

Where does Thanet Star stand on the whole right to carry these articles issue? Do I have any choice but to bow to a bully and manually depublish ancient articles from the archives?Is there a defence here?

Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appricated.

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