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Can we change it? Yes we can!

We have all seen the news. The pound is crashing and Great Britain is in danger of further financial hardship. We have not had Brexit yet and already we are paying the price.

Local councils are tightening belts. There is money available but they do not want to spend it. Safety is just another budget issue now.

When we work together, the local authority is forced to open it's purse and spend on things that matter. Of course they will, they want to be elected again.

Things like this matter. I bet you did not even put your mouse over that link to see what it was. It had a fancy tool tip and everything. You missed the story about a dangerous junction. It was written a few months back by Matt. His sisters, mum, and baby niece almost lost their lives.

KCC have refused to spend what amounts to pocket change because they think no one cares. I care. I think you do too. They will not know we care unless we say so. We must say that we want something done. I do, do you?

How do we work together?

That used to be hard. We once had to hire a hall and call a public meeting. Now we have Facebook and Twitter. We can work together for free any time we want.

Organising a petition is easier too. We can do that online and signing a petition takes only moments.

Are you unbothered if people die? I know I am bothered by it. It only takes moments to sign a petition.

Are you willing to take two minutes to save a life?

Sign The Petition Here

Hello, Alex here. Matt very kindly let me loose to try my hand at blogging. I could not think of anything much to write about. Until I started browsing the archives. That was where I got the idea tell you about why I think petitions like this one are so vital to Thanet. If I can do it, you can too. Chat to Matt about writing for Thanet Star. I did.
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Stand up to The Sun

While we were still in shock over the death of a fantastic young man The Sun decided to stick the boot in with some lies it made up.

I hope you will join me in officially complaining.

There are two grounds for complaint regarding The Sun's shockingly insensitive coverage of the murder of Carl Gregory.

1. On the grounds of inaccurate reporting.

The very first part of the Editors' Code of Practice says The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information and we have already established that the story The Sun published was deeply innaccurate. The short story being that they took some speculation they found on Facebook and published it as fact.

2. On the grounds of failing to be sensitive when dealing with cases involving grief and shock.

You can also complain specifically about reporters Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan who put their names to the utter farce of an article making deeply insensitive claims about the circumstances surrounding Carl's death.

I've said it before and I think it bears saying again, these are real people, with real feelings. Someone's beloved son has died, you pair of insensitive pricks! Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan you should be ashamed of yourselves. As should the editor that signed off on that steaming pile of garbage you tried to pass off as reporting.

Anyone can complain, and frankly, I think we all should.

To complain all you need to do is fill out the The IPSO complaint form online. You can also join with others who have acted, on the Facebook.

If enough of us complain, The Sun may be forced to print an apology.

I'd like to see a Thanet-wide boycott of The Sun. If not for this outrage, then in sympathy with the families of the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster. Which, if you are a Liverpool supporter, I trust you do already.

Anyone carrying a copy of that rag will not be welcome in my home. Furthermore, any shop willing to discontinue selling The Sun will receive preference from me and, I hope, others.

I would like to have the option of only buying from shops that do not stock The Sun at all.

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The Sun should apologise to the family of Carl Gregory

A young lad that my little sister used to babysit has been killed and that is about as tragic a story as there can be. A decent human being who did nothing wrong had his young life snuffed out.

Like most decent people, I grieve for the family. I am deeply hurt and upset that something like that has happened to someone in Thanet.

While we are still reeling from the news, The Sun newspaper picks up the story and decides to "sex it up". I tried reading the article but it just made me sick to my stomach. There was something inherently off about the whole article.

A quick Google confirms my doubts - Girlfriend of Carl Gregory hits out at 'made up' Pokemon Go killing reports. The entire article is a bunch of sh*t; there is not one fully truthful statement in there.

This is a despicable and desperate act. To use the death of a gentle and loveable boy to try and whip up hatred of a game is just wrong. More than wrong - outright evil.

Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan of The Sun - you are liars. If I am wrong, come and sue me. I mean it - I dare you to call in a solicitor and take me to court. Your newspaper article is not news, it is a work of fiction.

Mr. Crick and Mr. Sullivan, worse than printing fiction and passing it off as news, you stomped on the pain of a grieving family to sell papers. That is not just wrong but morally bankrupt. You do not deserve to call yourselves journalists. Go and join the circus or something.

This is the truth - you lack even the slightest evidence that the police are even investigating a link with Pokemon Go. Even Kent Police are calling you a bunch of liars!

A well-respected lad is dead and people are hurting. You just wanted to score clicks and that makes you the worst kind of scum, in my opinion. What you did was heartless and unkind and the whole of Thanet deserves a public apology. More than that you editors at the Sun have a moral duty to apologise to Carl’s family.

Prove me wrong. Take me to court, if you dare; which you won't because you whole outfit are moral cowards (and if you are not, then you are clearly stupid).

I tell you what, I will up the ante: If you can prove your article is fiction free I will delete Thanet Star and never blog about news again. But if you cannot you must quit and go work as cab drivers and never publish another word again. What do you say? Have you got the spine to stand by your words?

Andy Crick and Mike Sullivan I am putting you on notice that, until you humbly and convincingly apologise, you are not welcome in Thanet. Please never come here. Ever.

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