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Gloag evicts pensioners to turn home into holiday cottage

A picture is doing the rounds of Social Media suggestion Ms Gloag (she of stagecoach and shutting Manston) is also evicting a couple in the 70s from their home.

According to the image the couple, who have lived in the house for 40 years, are being chucked out by Anne Gloag because reasons. The image has been shared over 2,240 times in the last 4 days.

Apparently, according to The Daily Record, Gloag is kicking the elderly couple out because she wants to make their home into a holiday cottage.

Also reported by the Herald Scotland, The Highland Times and The Press and Journal.

Why on earth is TDC so content to get into bed with this woman?

Now you know as much as we do. If you can shed any light on this story please comment below and let us know.

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Lib Dems critical of TDCs poor local plan

The Liberal Democrats have strongly criticised Thanet District Council's inability to put together a coherent plan.

In response to what might well be the worst thought out local plan yet, Liberal Democrat George Cunningham has been sharply critical of TDC.

To put it simply, the TDC proposal isn't local, and it isn't a plan. He says. According to Cunningham's statement the "local plan" fails to address the needs of the local people and calls for houses without infrastructure or any clue as to if they are even needed.

The Liberal Democrat PPC also expresses concern that this half-baked local plan is simply a back-door excuse to cover Manston in houses and call it "popular demand".

We hope also that the Plan has not been written in such a way that its likely wholesale rejection by this consultation does not lead TDC to use it as an excuse after the 7th May election to insist Manston Airport become the brownfield housing site for Thanet "by popular demand".

Put simply it is like TDC are ready to just roll over and accommodate the poor that the Tories are focused on kicking out of London. Would it be so bad if we actually addressed some of our own needs before helping displace people on the basis of rich people's greed?

Thanet needs a plan for jobs and economic regeneration. Says Cunningham and I agree with him.

Where is the planning for economic growth? Where is the planning for jobs and businesses? Where is the planning to solve the existing problems of Thanet rather than making even more problems that TDC has proven it is incapable of addressing?

The Lib Dems are clearly worried that TDC does not know what it is doing and we are all going to suffer as a result.

It is not hard to see that the Lib Dems are right about TDC.

After all TDC have consistently demonstrated an inability to put the people of Thanet first regardless of whether Tory or Labour hold a majority.

Just take the council's sudden and insulting U-turn on it's own "plans" for what is left of the Little Oasis Crazy Skate site.

You could be forgiven for thinking that TDC has not got the first idea it is actually doing.

The only answer is to stop voting party political and actual elect local people to a local government. Not just any local people but local people that have shown that they care enough about Thanet to actual do something rather than sit in power and help themselves to lucrative back room deals.

This utterly worthless attempt at a local plan is proof that neither Labour nor Tory are fit to run Thanet's Council. If it looks like corruption, smells like corruption and barks like corruption what is it?

Just how many TDC councillors are in the building or property trade exactly? Clearly the answer to far too many.

Time for a complete change at TDC, don't you agree?

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Did Thanet Labour lie to us?

Are Thanet District Council conflicted over Manston or is there a secret agenda?

Manston Airport

Back in September last year it seemed like crazy talk that Thanet District Council might try to wriggle out of a CPO for Manston. This year it is a cold hard fact.

This year TDC are actively fighting the government itself to avoid making that purchase.

What we are wondering right now is why no questions are being asked of Thanet Labour who more or less out right said that they had no intention of carrying out a CPO.

If the leading party at TDC were prejudiced against the process before they started was there a conflict of interests for them to carry out the consultation in the first place?

When Iris Johnson seemed to slip up when she told Meridian news that they would not be carrying out a CPO was this simply the natural honesty of someone not used to misleading the public?

Did this change of direction stem from bribes, some internal agenda or was the CPO consultation just a way to keep things at arms length until after the election?

In short did Thanet Labour lie to us?

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Your Letters: Is Roger Gale doing too little for Manston?

George Cunningham writes to us expressing dissatisfaction with the governments slow response to the issue of Manston.

I am disappointed that, yet again, there is a further delay in resolving the Manston Airport issue. The government yesterday appointing a consultant to undertake a review of the process until now on decisions about the future of Manston Airport is just that. One has the impression that this is being deliberately spun out by the two main parties until after the general and district elections on 7th May.

Even if the Department of Transport announces at the last minute that it will support the CPO, there is no guarantee that the next government will honour it. Sir Roger Gale whispering in the ear of the prime minister and chancellor and getting encouraging noises in return, visits by Tory notables to the airport and TDC et al, are no substitute for the hard and fast resolution of this issue which seems always being evaded and delayed.

George Cunningham, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with George Cunningham? Tell us in the comments.

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Scientific study shows migrants not the problem

Immigration has had no effect on unemployment or wages, a new study finds.

According to The Independent a new study that examined the impact of immigration found that it has had no impact whatsoever on jobs and wages despite public opinion otherwise.


Researchers at the London School of Economics looked at the levels of immigration to each of Britainís counties, and compared it to the unemployment rate in the same area across the same period. writes Jon Stone for The Independent. They found that there was no connection between how much immigration a county had seen between 2004 and 2012 and the areaís level of unemployment.

The study also examined whether immigration had effected wages levels (by causing them to fall, as some claim) or if immigration led to a fall in so called "low skill" jobs or even a rise in youth unemployment. It found that migration into the UK had made no difference to these areas at all.

Despite what certain anti-EU types might suggest the impact in all these areas was none at all. In some areas average wages rose but the correlation - that is the provable relationship between two things - was non existent.

The only significant change that immigration has caused is a reduction in Britiain's public spending deficit. This is because migrants are generally hard working and well trained and pay plenty of taxes. The University College of London noted that the migrant contribution to reducing our deficit was substantial.

The problem of unemployment in Thanet - as elsewhere - is that there just are no damn jobs to start with. People coming here from other parts of the world makes no difference to that. The only thread of hope here is the massive investment the EU is planning to make towards job creation.

Despite certain new comers demands for rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty the facts speak for themselves. We need jobs, the EU will be able to help get us jobs and immigrants are not taking jobs away from us (but they are paying for benefits). Anyone who tells you otherwise is talking from their backside, it seems.

Job search
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